3 Tips To Help Keep You Safe This Season

December 23, 2022

(NC) Whether you are settling back into campus life, returning home from the late shift or attending various holiday parties, the dark days of winter and unpredictable weather conditions make personal safety a big priority this time of year.

While it’s helpful to educate yourself, you shouldn’t live your life in fear. Here are some tips to help you feel more secure when you are out and about this season:

1. Remember the basics

There are some general safety best-practices everyone should know, such as staying aware of your surroundings. Speak with your family, colleagues and loved ones about safety and talk about household safety rules you want to follow, such as locking your front door even when you’re home.

2. Plan your route to and from home

Planning ahead is key to optimizing your safety as you go from work events to holiday parties, and back home this season. Figure out how you are getting from A to B before you leave the house and always share your whereabouts with a friend or loved one. Rather than going alone, use ridesharing with friends and coworkers when possible. It not only ups your safety but often cuts down on transportation costs.

3. Consider smart tech options

With the days getting shorter, the evening and early morning commutes are getting darker. Consider discreet wearable personal safety devices that are disguised as necklaces, bracelets and keychains such as Telus SmartWear Security. These devices can instantly text your GPS location to select contacts or help connect you with emergency services, saving valuable time.

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